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>> Friday, October 31, 2008

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!

Hope you had a wonderful day with family & friends! I know we sure did. Maddison was a cheerleader. She borrowed a schnazzy outfit from her cousin who used to be in competition cheer. The-very-moment she put that costume on, she turned into a different child. {Well, at least the other side of her}. She started popping her knee out, tilting her head to the side, flipping her hair, popping her wrist. And this is why I always say she will never be in those competition cheer things. Aye, aye, aye. Give her one week and she'd be just like them, drinking Starbucks and asking for her own cell phone at 7. Saylor was a little fairy princess again, but we changed costumes. She wore a cute little dress up outfit that I picked up at a yard sale awhile back. It had to be pinned and tweaked, but it was adorable. Then we added her wings, for part of the night anyway. They were both so darn cute.

We started our trick or treating adventure at around 5:00 pm. We went next door to my aunt and uncles {oh ya, they live on the other side of us. My grandpa bought a bunch of property on this street and gave three of his kids 2 acres each. The other kid lives on the same street as my grandparents about 5 miles from us. Ya, we're close like that.} We took pictures with a couple cousins, and then headed our separate ways for a bit. We headed to Taco Bell {of course} for a quick dinner, then off to the mall for a little trick or treating. Except that, over half of the stores had signs up that said, "Sorry, no candy". How are you going to have a trick or treat event and then let that many stores not participate!! Whatever, it was still fun though.

Then we headed to our "old" neighborhood, where our other house is. We went to trick or treat at my sister-in-law, Marcye's house {they rent that house}, and then realized that there was actually trick or treating going on. A little back story, when we lived there, about 2 years ago, we tried trick or treating and we walked for blocks and only found about 10 houses that were giving out candy. The kids were so disappointed. We were so disappointed. And then by that time, it was too late to do anything else. So I cried and went to Walgreens to buy Maddie some candy. So last year we didn't even try. We figured it was a dead thing, and we were SO sad about it. Remember trick or treating as a kid?? It was SOOOOO much fun!! We would literally run from house to house. Trick or treating was ripe for the pickin in those days. We used to just go nuts. And I was sad that my kids couldn't experience that. So last year we went to a couple harvest festivals at churches {that's the big thing around here now}, but it wasn't much fun. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for them. I even helped organize a huge one every year in our community with about 10 churches 3 years in a row. There was a ton of stuff to do, but it just wasn't the same.

So tonight I was in awe and actually giddy about how that neighborhood looked with all the people, and literally swarms of kids out trick or treating. My girls had an absolute blast, and I was thrilled to watch them experience what I did as a kid. Good times.

At around 7:30, the girls were getting tired, so we headed to one of those church festivals. It was cool. Lots of bounce houses, slides, fly trap walls, cake walk, games, etc, etc, etc. Perfect for Maddison's age. Torcherous for Saylor's age. She wanted to go on EVERYTHING!!! And she wanted every single balloon. And they were everywhere. She chased two girls that were dressed up as grapes, with balloons taped to their bodies. Then she would fall on the ground and crawl around in frustration. She was miserable with wanting to do everything and not being able to. So that lasted all of 15 minutes, and then we had to leave.

Just as we were leaving, my aunt called to let us know that they were heading to the same place we were leaving. So we flipped a U-turn and Maddie and I stayed to hang out. Our pastor & family, my aunt and cousin, my grandma and other cousins. It was a good time. We socialized and Maddie ran around with the cousins. Saw some old friends and got to catch up.

A little later, we headed over to another festival that my aunt, uncle, cousins, and cousins were working. They own "booths", as we like to call them. Kettle corn booths. Except it's not just kettle corn: Corn dogs, hamburgers, garlic fries, cheese fries, churros, kettle corn. Yum. So we swooped in at the end for free food, free pumpkins, and lots of hanging out with family while the rest of the world cleaned up. It was so great. Because also, which I think I mentioned before, my cousin/best friend just moved back from Maui. And her husband, my husband's best friend, joined her and their boys yesterday. SO.EXCITED! I hadn't seen him since New Year's Eve. So we all have lots of catching up and hanging out to do. Which we will do on a double date tomorrow night. I expect lots of laughs, food, maybe a movie, but always great company.

When Maddie and I got home, we found Tahner & Saylor crashed on the floor in Saylor's room.

And then Maddie crashed in her bed shortly after.


So overall, we had a killer Halloween. My girls had fun. I had fun watching my girls have fun. What could be better?

Family, friends, trick or treating, and of course, candy!

P.S.--I love my family, and I love my life. I am so blessed.

P.P.S--Oh ya, and I had to think of how lucky we are to be able to trick or treat, on October 31 in flip flops and tank tops!! Gotta love California!

P.P.P.S--And I get all the jawbreakers, and I'm also privvy to anything with nuts while Tahner's not, since he's allergic. :)

P.P.P.P.S--Okay, now this is just getting ridiculous. And I feel like I'm in grade school writing a letter to my BFF, Jill. {Name that commercial, lol}


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