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>> Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Month of Thanks--November 1

So, I've decided to start a new project for the entire month of November. I've recently started pondering the month of November a little more. Now that I'm a little older, establishing my family, and developing my domestic and creative interests, I've been trying to get really organized and plan well for the holidays.

The last two years have been great. Two years ago, our first Christmas as a family, I was in heaven. It was my first year in my own house to decorate as I pleased. Maddison and I had a blast decorating, baking, etc etc. I had a blast.

Last year we moved into this house and I was able to put up two trees, one in the dining room, one in the living room, and I was really in heaven. Saylor's first Christmas. Everything was wonderful.

This year I've been more organized than ever. I started early for Halloween, fully enjoying the whole process of the month. A few weeks ago I started looking ahead to Thanksgiving. Maddison and I made some Thanksgiving banners {that I will blog about Monday and post pictures of} for our family dinner in Redding with my in-laws. I really started to think about Thanksgiving and all that it entails.

Being thankful.

Recognizing just how truly blessed we are.

Yet, what I've done in the past, was quickly jot down a list of things that I am thankful for. And I did it only on that very day. Is that doing justice to all that I have been given in this life?


So, this year, instead of skimming over Thanksgiving, rushing through the month of November, so we can hurry-up-to-December-and-Christmas-already, I'm going to slow it down. Truly give thanks.

I've decided to make either a mini album or a journal for the entire month of November. Each day, starting today, I'm going to take a picture of something that I am thankful for and blog and journal or scrap it.

Kind of like the December Daily, but my own little book of thanksgiving. In my heart, thanksgiving. The true sense of the word.

I kind of forgot to purposefully take a picture of something that I am thankful for today.

But obviously I got a zillion shots. And as I looked through them tonight, it was so difficult to pick just one!!

So blessed.

Should I put together a bunch for that day? Use a main one and then a small collage of other things? Should I just stick to one, and then focus on the other things in another portrait on another day? Ya know? I guess it will become clear to me as I go along. I'm sure if I did the option with one main and a small collage, I could still come up with all the pictures needed to fill the entire month.

But for now, this is my picture of the day. Today, I am thankful for this....

Our Ash tree in tribute in our little baby lost, Ashten Michael.
And along with this, the precious short life that I was able to experience with my precious little tiny baby. I will hold you in heaven one day. Until then, let Jesus hold you, my sweet baby mine.

Love, your mommy


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